Meet the Board

“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.” - Nelson Mandela

Consider being part of the ALAPTO Board! We have the following openings:

Fundraising Coordinator 

Role: Coordinate yearly and ongoing fundraisers like restaurant nights, Read-A-Thon, Trivia Night, etc. Coordinate any new fundraising opportunities.

Term: 2 years

Voting role: Yes

Events Coordinator

Role: Coordinate yearly ALAPTO events like Fall Fest, Playground Events, Legacy Day, etc.

Term: 2 years

Voting role: Yes

Please fill out this Nomination Form for interest! 

ALAPTO Board 2024-2025


Robert Pries

Parent of Aldo students Cece, Evie, Teddy, Jameson (former)

ALAPTO Since Fall 2023

Goal/Focus: To continue to support experiential learning opportunities for students, increase fundraising efforts, and promote an inclusive community between parents, students, and staff. 

Vice President

Heather Ard

Parent of Aldo students Emery, Ariana, Ellis, Ethan (former)

ALAPTO Since Fall 2023

Goal/Focus: To make Aldo parents feel included in the Aldo community and invite more families to join in the fun! 


Brendt Peeters

Parent of Aldo student Charlie

ALAPTO Since Spring 2024

Goal/Focus: To help to enable modern digital engagement for Aldo families and to drive better fundraising capabilities in order to facilitate more programming for Aldo students.  


Becky Hasseler

Parent of Aldo students Oliver, Nora, Royal

ALAPTO Since Fall 2022

Goal/Focus: I want to be an involved parent at Aldo, and inspire others to find a way to give back to our community school. 


Evie Saharsky

Parent of Aldo students: Veronica & Cordelia (former)

ALAPTO Since Fall 2023

Goal/Focus: To effectively communicate news and events that include the Aldo community, via email, newsletters, social media, signage, etc.

Staff Appreciation

Rosemary Kennedy

Parent of Aldo students: Anna, James, & Grace (former)

ALAPTO Since Fall 2023

Goal/Focus: My goal is to strengthen our community through events and experiences that allow us to cultivate new and established relationships with other Aldo families. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Christin DePouw

Parent of Aldo student: Dario

ALAPTO Since Fall 2024

Goal/Focus: To support Aldo staff, students, and families in continuing to develop an inclusive, accessible, and welcoming educational community through events, open discussion, and strategies for facilitating conversations around sensitive topics with our students.


Trina Lambert

Educator: Principal

ALAPTO Since Fall 2009

Goal/Focus: To ensure that every Aldo student has the opportunity to know what it feels like to be part of a caring community and to experience learning in a variety of settings and in a variety of ways.

Teacher Rep

Ryan Bartel

Educator: Kindergarten

Parent of Aldo students Stella, Griffin

ALAPTO Since Fall 2020

Goal/Focus: To work with teachers/staff at the school to communicate the needs of our classrooms with the members at large on the board, and vice versa.

Teacher Rep

Tim Devine

Educator: 8th grade

ALAPTO Since Spring 2024

Goal/Focus: TBD

Teacher Rep

Jim Allam

Educator: 8th grade

Parent of Aldo student Jude

ALAPTO Since Spring 2024

Goal/Focus: TBD