Experiential Learning Fee


The ELF is an Experiential Learning Fee, an annual fee paid by families for each of their children who attend Aldo. This money is used to fund all of the experiential learning that happens during the school year: field trips, bussing, community exploration, special guests (artists, politicians, authors, speakers, musicians), interest clubs, enrichment classes, and supplies. 

Payment Methods

Cash or check is always welcome: mail or bring to the front office. Ensure your students' name(s) are noted.


c/o Aldo Leopold Community School

622 Eliza Street

Green Bay, WI 54301

Payments can be made to donate@alapto.org

Please remember to add your child's name/grade to the note!


Coming Soon!


Do you need help paying your Experiential Learning Fee? We have options for you! If your family is in need of a scholarship please print out a scholarship application and email to Trina Lambert, Principal, at tjlambert@gbaps.org, or come in to the office to pick one up. It can be returned to school in an envelope to the classroom teacher or into the office. We do our best to accommodate all our families and their unique situations, and Trina will keep your request confidential.

Apply for a Scholarship