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Support your school community! Aldo Leopold Community School is a diverse school made up of families with various socioeconomic backgrounds. ALAPTO has established a scholarship fund for families that need assistance paying the ELF. Please consider donating to our scholarship fund if you're able, so that we can continue to make experiential learning possible for all of our students. Any amount is welcome and we appreciate your consideration and generosity. We are happy to provide receipts for tax purposes if you reach out to

Do you need help paying your Experiential Learning Fee? We have options for you!


If your family is in need of a scholarship please print out a scholarship application and email to Trina Lambert, Principal, at, or come in to the office to pick one up. It can be returned to school in an envelope to the classroom teacher or into the office.  We do our best to accommodate all our families and their unique situations, and will keep your request confidential.

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