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September 12, 2023

Updated: 6 days ago

Board Attendees

Robert Pries, Kristy Harr Krautkramer, Heather Ard, Stephany Rodriguez, Rachel Landowski, Tiffany Werner, Becky Hasseler, Trina Lambert, Ryan Bartel, Bridie McCann, Monet Bastia, Kristin Hanson, Rosemary Kennedy, Evie Saharsky

(Those in bold were present)

Board Mission

To make experiential learning happen.


  • Maintain a respectful, solution-oriented and kind mindset when talking about students, families, staff, and community members, even in disagreement with the majority.

  • Investigate and understand your own privilege.

  • Be honest about the level of commitment you can bring to the board. When feeling overwhelmed, reach out.

  • Read, understand, and complete your roles and responsibilities for your position.

  • Adhere to agreed-upon time-frames and deadlines.



Meeting Called to Order at 6:04 p.m.

  1. Approval of previous board meeting minutes

  2. Motion: Trina

  3. Second: Ryan

  4. Motion passes

  5. Update on interest in ALAPTO

  6. New emails to ALAPTO friends, names from sign up sheets at Open House, or Popsicles on the Playground

  7. Evie and Rosemary have coordinated a spreadsheet of volunteers with Anne Hall

  8. QR code was a success at open house - lots of tickets were taken home

  9. Open positions -

  10. Fundraising Chair

  11. Teresa Adler can come Oct. 10 to present and Q&A

  12. Robert will take part on this committee - will reach out to local businesses for shirt sponsors, musical programs, and mailings with logos

  13. Evie will make sure to send prompt thank you to any business notation

  14. Garden Chair - Maddox Savage’s grandpa could help, but isn’t local

  15. Tiffany was hoping to participate in this

  16. Stephany also interested

  17. Girl and Boy Scouts could help garden - Evie & Monet

  18. 2 parents interested in helping

  19. Grant Chair - Interest in Grant Writing!

  20. Heather also interested and is researching opportunities

  21. Trina suggests to look for any non-profit grant and look at the balance between money and work involved (transportation, field trip fees, guest artist/artist in residence)

  22. Looking for green grants that align with Aldo’s vision

  23. Treasurer 2024 -25

  24. We need a new communication to include a passive opt-out for using addresses for ALAPTO communication

  25. Add to newsletter

  26. 3 times per year - welcome, events, president letter, contact waiver

  27. Treasurer Report (vote) - What ALAPTO actually has when we subtract the EC groups’ money and outstanding checks: $30,625.85

  28. Motion: Becky

  29. Second: Ryan

  30. Motion Passes


Committee Updates


  1. Discussion regarding a Volunteer Director/Coordinator being added to the board began via email within ALAPTO, and a vote was suggested.

  2. Robert did not approve this online vote so it is negated and does not need to be completed

  3. We will avoid voting by email unless absolutely necessary

  4. ALAPTO committees with co-chairs - should they get one or two votes?

  5. One vote per ALAPTO Role (VP/ ELF)?

  6. Co-chair positions are not covered in the bylaws

  7. To be discussed at next executive meeting

  8. Per "Robert’s Rules" - all individuals are ensured a vote


Finance: Chair Kristy Krautkramer

  1. Invoice from May Portfolio Night just received for $528.00

  2. According to 501c3 rules ALAPTO needs to see itemized sales report

  3. Friends of Flow - a donation was made via the square site for ALAPTO

  4. Should this donation go through ALAPTO?

  5. Bridie is advisor - Trina will discuss this and the grant money for this program with her, as she already left the meeting when this was discussed.

  6. Kristy will cash out the $25 on square and put in safe envelope.

  7. Update on Family donations (buddy bench, 4k equipment, etc.)

  8. Ryan will collect plastic again this year

  9. 1,000lb goal for a buddy bench

  10. Aldo T shirts for new students - working with Ryan- donor?

  11. Work with Malik

  12. Robert & Kristy looking for/with a donor

  13. Preview 23-24 budget

  14. Trina & Kristy to meet and present to Exec. Comm. before next meeting

  15. Created budget for preview

  16. Added Robert and Stephany to quickbooks

  17. Shared square log in with Rachel and Tiffany


ELF: Co - Chairs Rachel Landowski & Tiffany Werner

  1. List of those who paid was provided 9/11/2023

  2. Trina updated with scholarship requests.

  3. Kelsey finished annual report

  4. Kristy sent docs to Rachel and Tiffany to get them started/monthly to dos


Events: Chair Rosemary Kennedy

  1. Fall Fest budget request for $3000

  2. Events committee met and itemized Fall Fest from last year, looking for ways to cut costs

  3. Ambrosius - donation?, cut-D.J. (playlist), Little Caesars (instead of Happy Joe's)

  4. Face painters - Monet has contact to share with Rosemary

  5. Herp. Club - Ryan to look into - Scaled up Expo

  6. Motion to approve: Robert

  7. Second: Tiffany

  8. Motion passes

  9. Volunteer Coordinator/Chair

  10. Anne Hall to help as Volunteer Coordinator under Events until Board decides where they want the position to fall

  11. Anne has created a volunteer database

  12. Background checks needed for volunteers

  13. What volunteers Alapto responsible to provide vs the school

  14. Flow of volunteer information from Google Form: Evie to Anne who responds to volunteers and connects them with appropriate committee

  15. Clarify position - volunteers for all school needs, or just ALAPTO-run events?

  16. Melisa coordinates formal volunteers, UWGB, St. Norbert, reading buddies, etc…The rest is up to Volunteer Coordinator, which is an important role as ALAPTO runs on volunteers

  17. Wish List:

  18. Databases and automatic emails created to thank volunteers for signing up and then again after volunteering

  19. Ensure fewer people are falling through the cracks

  20. Should we add this position to the ALAPTO board, or keep this position as a committee member under the Events committee?

  21. Events and Volunteer Coordinator need to work closely together

  22. Robert - suggested a test year to define the role and ensure we understand the scope of the job.

  23. Trina agrees.

  24. We will see how the year goes and keep track of everything needed.

  25. Back to School Pool Party

  26. Approx 450 attended

  27. Robert has business cards from the raffle and will create an Aldo business database

  28. Kinder Camp and Middle School Matters

  29. Quite a few signed up to volunteer

  30. Anne has volunteer sheets and is inputting into volunteer database

  31. Open House

  32. Good visibility - lots of people stopped by the table

  33. Good interest in volunteering - Anne has sign up sheets to enter into database

  34. Need to use Square for ELF and merchandise next year since wifi is spotty and people don’t usually carry cash

  35. Popsicles on the Playground

  36. Finished up leftover popsicles and still have plenty for another event

  37. Lots of very happy kids and parents; many stayed to chat and play

  38. $10 in donations

  39. Make sure to specify start and end time for next playground event

  40. Emailed volunteers Robin Nelson, Becky Petasek, Alyssa Myrie to thank for volunteering and alert them to Fall Fest


Communication: Chair Evie Saharsky

  1. Add Becky as FB/Insta Admin - DONE

  2. Family Businesses - Updated and published, but not very many on there yet.

  3. Family Businesses - Found a different folder in the google drive. Lots of businesses in there, but it is from 2020 so I don’t know which of these families are still with Aldo. If others could take a look that’d be awesome. Moved folder to the ALAPTO Board drive folder where everything else is.

  4. Updated fundraising page to remove Amazon Smile and add Box Tops

  5. Updated volunteer Google form

  6. Linked school store to Fresh Prints

  7. Updated mobile version of

  8. Newsletter - do we still do this?

  9. Yes. Do it.

  10. Volunteer sheet - make sure the right person has access - Anne? What is the flow of info from that form to contacting the volunteer?

  11. Set up an email rule to forward volunteer responses to Anne. She is tracking in a spreadsheet.

  12. Can we talk about the Communication Expectations? Turnaround for acknowledgement? How to know when something’s been completed? Who gets what types of emails?

  13. Rules for communication - 48 hour turn-over expected

  14. Forwarded emails from Evie need to be CC to alaptofriends so she can remove it from her to do list

  15. Evie to document tasks and things to know for future use

  16. Staff Appreciation donors and staff need to be updated - Ryan will look at the list on the website and remove anyone that is no longer at Aldo

  17. Evie to send Ryan a link.

  18. Photos needed from Rachel & Tiffany

  19. Goal & Focus needed from Ryan & Monet


Fundraising: Chair TBD

  1. Zambaldi- can move to January- choose a new Wed -

  2. Move to Spring - April or May for outdoor seating

  3. Readathon- date chosen? January 11th - plus book fair and literacy night!!!!

  4. Box tops- Cheryl

  5. Luna- push for a bigger fundraiser, if so when

  6. Chipotle- 33%

  7. Popcorn Fundraiser- discuss

  8. Early release days? Popcorn makers are available, used to be $0.50 per bag, popped in coconut oil (allergen safe)

  9. Need volunteers to coordinate and run this

  10. Happy Joe’s discuss

  11. No cost to us, but expensive for families

  12. Once a quarter?

  13. Build up excitement and send reminders.

  14. Fit into calendar at Exec. Comm. meeting

  15. Contacted popsockets to order more (only cost $5, and we can sell for $10)- waiting to hear back

  16. Smart Cow set for Dec 5

  17. Art to Remember (Kristy working with Melisa)

  18. Ordering variety of merchandise for event tables


Staff Appreciation: Chair Kristen Hanson

  1. Staff Appreciation donors and staff need to be updated - Ryan will look at the list on the website and remove anyone that is no longer at Aldo

  2. Checked in with FACE teacher to get the okay to use her room this year

  3. We provided food (Rosemary’s amazing bakery and Costco snacks) for the first day of in-service. There is still plenty of coffee stocked in the staff area.

  4. Reaching out to Robin Nelson and then setting up a meeting with my committee to plan how to use our budget for the year.


Diversity & Inclusion: Chair Monet Bastia

  1. Reached out to dads, waiting to hear back

  2. Steve Utech is interested

  3. Monet to meet with Rosemary (Events)

  4. March-Madness Bracket (parent child teams, 2 on 2 basketball), entry fee with 50/50 prize

  5. Video Games on the big screen

  6. Men to make pop-corn, drop off/pick-up helpers, fishing outing, camping, archery

  7. Trina to give camping dad chaperone contacts to Monet


Teacher Reps: Ryan Bartel and Bridget McCann

  1. Shelving for basement to be ordered via Trina

  2. Need to be measured to fit totes - more guidance needed

  3. Teachers offering classes for students. There are some that will be invite-only to help support student learning needs. Others will be enrichment and still some will be choice. Three sessions Oct. Jan. Apr.

  4. We’d love to have other activities happening in the school to service as many students as we can. All classes will run until 4:00 some will run later. Examples: Books and Breakfast and Switch Club.


Committee Updates

Grants Committee:

  1. No updates


Garden Committee:

  1. No updates


Old Business

  1. Consolidate ALAPTO stuff - file cabinet, storage room - set a date/time?

  2. Shelving for basement to be ordered via Trina

  3. Totes measured by Rosemary

  4. Family Businesses at Aldo (tree in entryway)

  5. Found old tree to use for this

  6. Tree is up in front hallway


New Business

  1. Family Businesses at Aldo (tree in entryway)

  2. Found old tree to use for this

  3. Goals for ALAPTO this year


To Do

  1. Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2023 6:00p.m.

  2. ALAPTO introductions at a staff meeting?

  3. First Wed. of the month 3:30 in the band room.

  4. Follow up with parents to introduce new board members

  5. Add board minutes to website (per the audit)

  6. Nominations of WI PK through 12 Teachers and Principals

  7. 2024 Herb Kohl Educational Foundation

  8. Spread the Word - Submissions due Oct. 3

  9. Evie & Monet - contact scouts about willingness to help with garden

  10. Robert to reach out to local businesses for sponsors - t-shirts, programs, mailings

  11. Exec. Committee - one vote per role or per person, discuss presence at staff meeting (show up with gifts), town hall meeting in Nov.

  12. Trina - question Bridie about Friends of Flow money and Grant - ALAPTO doesn’t want to handle this

  13. Meet with Kristy - go over budget together before Exec. meeting

  14. Ryan - remove old staff from staff appreciation list

  15. Melisa to update family business list

  16. Robert to work off old 2020 list for now

Adjourned 8:12 PM


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Board Attendees Robert Pries, Kristy Harr Krautkramer, Heather Ard, Stephany Rodriguez, Rachel Landowski, Tiffany Werner, Becky Hasseler, Trina Lambert, Ryan Bartel, Bridie McCann, Monet Bastia, Krist

Board Attendees Robert Pries, Kristy Harr Krautkramer, Heather Ard, Stephany Rodriguez, Rachel Landowski, Tiffany Werner, Becky Hasseler, Trina Lambert, Ryan Bartel, Bridie McCann, Monet Bastia, Krist

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