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July 20, 2023

Updated: 6 days ago

Board Attendees

Robert Pries, Kristy Harr Krautkramer, Heather Ard, Stephany Rodriguez, Rachel Landowski, Tiffany Werner, Becky Hasseler, Trina Lambert, Ryan Bartel, Bridie McCann, Monet Bastia, Kristin Hanson, Rosemary Kennedy, Pachee Vang, Evie Saharsky

Committee Members: Christina Serrano, Ann Elise Treder, Jordan Jacobs

(Those in bold were present)

Board Mission

To make experiential learning happen.


  • Maintain a respectful, solution-oriented and kind mindset when talking about students, families, staff, and community members, even in disagreement with the majority.

  • Investigate and understand your own privilege.

  • Be honest about the level of commitment you can bring to the board. When feeling overwhelmed, reach out.

  • Read, understand, and complete your roles and responsibilities for your position.

  • Adhere to agreed-upon time-frames and deadlines.



Meeting Called to Order at 5:13 p.m.

  1. Welcome, introductions, food lead by our new President Robert Pries

  2. Approval of previous board meeting minutes

  3. Kristy motions to approve previous board meeting minute

  4. Trina seconds the motion

  5. Review/set norms as a board (listed above)

  6. Printed copies of norms handed out

  7. Trina discusses importance of pulling together around the Norms to understand where each other are coming from and how to address difficult topics

  8. Trina Motions to agree to the ALAPTO Norms

  9. Second: MB, HA, SR, CS, RK, BH, TL, KK, KH, RP, TW

  10. Google Drive Overview (lead by Treasurer Kristy and Secretary Becky)


Committee Updates


  1. No updates


Finance: Chair Kristy Krautkramer

  1. Treasurer's Report - Kristy walked through step by step

  2. Largest spend was Experiential Learning and busses

  3. Less ELF total coming in than previous year

  4. $19725 (2021), $7200 (2022)

  5. (May $850.00 and June $693.75- $343.75 for 23-24 only) = $1543.75

  6. Fundraisers went well!

  7. Readathon + Raisecraze : $14,997 (goal is $15K!)

  8. Luna $1330 (2021), $465 (2022) , $570 (2023)

  9. Luna needs updating - order sheets

  10. Art to Remember ($1679 -increase of $600 from 2022)

  11. Restaurant fundraising- $1000 (Happy Joe’s decreased)

  12. Budget deficit was overcome and closed year with revenue $518.41 due to:

  13. Outstanding bus invoices for June,

  14. Included the 3rd and 4th grade Madison bussing invoice

  15. outstanding checks that haven’t cleared

  16. bussing estimates

  17. ALAPTO total (after extracurriculars and outstanding checks are accounted for) - $19,743.57

  18. Closed out and sent emails to the Extracurricular groups at Aldo of financial standings

  19. Renewed PTO insurance and received a $25 early bird discount

  20. Audit Completed July 11, 2023 (Trina)

  21. Yearly flow of money in and out is well spent and well documented

  22. Better way to track experiences at the school and credit towards Experiential Learning, and family/community/chaperone donations, some events didn’t bring in enough to cover their own cost

  23. House financial reports on ALAPTO website along with agenda

  24. Monet Motions to approve audit

  25. Robert Seconds - motion passes

  26. Family Donations (Trina)

  27. Son of a founder of Aldo wants to make a donation in founder’s name

  28. Hutchinson Family wants to celebrate 90th birthday

  29. Ideas: 4k playground, or buddy bench (to be replaced by bench company)

  30. STEM cart to be pitched to Margaret Hutchinson’s family

  31. Idea: T-shirts for kids with old school emblem


ELF: Co - Chairs Rachel Landowski & Tiffany Werner

  1. Met with Kelsey for on-boarding - and will continue to help

  2. Summer ELF push with a raffle

  3. To do:

  4. Trina to create a spreadsheet with students’ names

  5. Send out a passive permissive slip to not be included in the comprehensive spreadsheet


Events: Chair Rosemary Kennedy

  1. Pool Party Friday, August 18th, 2023 Joannes 6-8pm

  2. Kristy to pay

  3. Concessions are open

  4. Joannes to keep count

  5. No ALAPTO table, we will be the ALAPTO table

  6. Back to School Open House Wed. Aug. 30, 3-5p.m.

  7. ALAPTO table - yes

  8. ELF, sell merch, answer questions, volunteer sign up

  9. Better table location, assemble packets

  10. talk with Sara Eggers

  11. ALAPTO t-shirts for board members

  12. What copies do we need/ folders to hand out…system? (ALAPTO packet)

  13. Food trucks need to be booked - trucks have been contacted

  14. Raffle basket? Balloons & decor provided by Rosemary

  15. ALAPTO table at 4k or kinder camp and Middle School Matters

  16. Rosemary will compile volunteer spreadsheet

  17. Sign up for what you want, but it can be overwhelming for new parents

  18. Targeted sign up

  19. QR code for those in line


Communication: Chair Evie Saharsky

(Chair Evie Saharsky unable to attend meeting)

  1. Pool Party:

  2. Need mailing list for postcards - please send to

  3. Email/

  4. Need an updated email list for emails

  5. Social Media:

  6. Need to be added as an Admin to the ALAPTO Facebook page - Ashley Betz is on vacation and has not been able to do it. Gretchen Swadley already removed herself and is not able to do it. Anyone else?

  7. Pool Party save the dates are up on Instagram

  8. ELF fee raffle is up on Instagram

  9. Website- update people and bios

  10. All members need to send updated bios and photos to

  11. Events on calendar

  12. Canva:

  13. has been upgraded to a Pro membership (from a free membership) - Pro memberships are free for non-profits.

  14. Can be set up so everyone uses the same log in (how it is now) or can set up as a team. Let me know a preference.


Fundraising: Chair Pachee Vang

  1. Pachee to step down as Chair


Staff Appreciation: Chair Kristen Hanson

  1. Spent the budget last year mostly on food that the teachers loved


Diversity & Inclusion: Chair Monet Bastia

  1. No update


Teacher Reps: Ryan Bartel and Bridget McCann

(Ryan and Bridie unable to attend)


Committee Updates

Grants Committee:

  1. Kristen Hanson would love to help

  2. Look at private foundations and smaller grant opportunities


Garden Committee:

(Kristy will discuss)

  1. Committee/parents needed to move forward with adopting the garden space


Old Business

  1. Meeting date (Tuesdays?)

  2. Keep as second Tuesday of the month 6p.m.


New Business

  1. Review of ALAPTO

  2. History

  3. Bylaws

  4. Sign Confidentiality agreement -

  5. Trina passed out paper copies and new members signed

  6. To be signed once per term

  7. #8 - clarification on timeline of communication response (typically 48 hours)

  8. Name Trina in email if you need her specific response

  9. ALAPTO Accountability Flowchart - Trina discusses

  10. Community Programs Coordinator role to be filled by district

  11. Staff Appreciation Chair now supervised by Fundraising Chair

  12. Binders - Kristy leads discussion

  13. Chairs stay on top of binders for on-boarding/sustainability

  14. Code of conduct, passwords, helpful notes/tips, calendar

  15. No binder for the following: Diversity & Inclusion, Events, Secretary, Fundraising (ask Pachee)

  16. Committees format

  17. Flowchart

  18. Review prior year’s goals with your committee

  19. Explore your Google Drive

  20. Goals for the year

  21. Committees need to set & share goals with group

  22. School events calendar set with Trina & Rosemary

  23. Coming along really well

  24. Will be shared as document to board to be discussed and how to share with parents

  25. Send out monthly calendars a month ahead of time

  26. Posted on Facebook, Instagram, end email

  27. Where is ALAPTO’s stuff located?

  28. field trip of school, basement, safe room, nurses’ office, copier

  29. Stuff is spread out and not organized. Need to spend meeting time on consolidating office supplies, outdoor toys, Nescos, coolers, etc.

  30. Bins could be purchased for someone willing to donate time to organizing basement


To Do

  1. Next Meeting Date: August 8, 6p.m. in Library

  2. Review of ALAPTO

  3. History

  4. Bylaws

  5. Becky to tell Evie that she in initial contact person for volunteers

  6. All members - Send Bio & Pic to Evie for ALAPTO website

  7. Trina - to create postcards and email with Save the Date pool Party, raffle, pay ELF, Open House, fundraising coordinator (alapto11 email as the contact)

  8. Ask Pachee about Fundraising binder

  9. Trina - Contact Teresa Adler about fundraising guest speaker opportunity

  10. Set an exec committee meeting for August (with Trina)

  11. Agenda items

  12. Discuss virtual option for all meetings

  13. ELF Scholarship letter to finalize (businesses)

  14. ALAPTO board member incentives

  15. Becky to get names of those who showed interest in ALAPTO

Meeting Adjourned at 8:02p.m.

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Board Attendees Robert Pries, Kristy Harr Krautkramer, Heather Ard, Stephany Rodriguez, Rachel Landowski, Tiffany Werner, Becky Hasseler, Trina Lambert, Ryan Bartel, Bridie McCann, Monet Bastia, Krist

Board Attendees Robert Pries, Kristy Harr Krautkramer, Heather Ard, Stephany Rodriguez, Rachel Landowski, Tiffany Werner, Becky Hasseler, Trina Lambert, Ryan Bartel, Bridie McCann, Monet Bastia, Krist

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