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August 8, 2023

Updated: 6 days ago

Board Attendees

Robert Pries, Kristy Harr Krautkramer, Heather Ard, Stephany Rodriguez, Rachel Landowski, Tiffany Werner, Becky Hasseler, Trina Lambert, Ryan Bartel, Bridie McCann, Monet Bastia, Kristin Hanson, Rosemary Kennedy, Evie Saharsky

(Those in bold were present)

Board Mission

To make experiential learning happen.


  • Maintain a respectful, solution-oriented and kind mindset when talking about students, families, staff, and community members, even in disagreement with the majority.

  • Investigate and understand your own privilege.

  • Be honest about the level of commitment you can bring to the board. When feeling overwhelmed, reach out.

  • Read, understand, and complete your roles and responsibilities for your position.

  • Adhere to agreed-upon time-frames and deadlines.



Meeting Called to Order at 6:06 p.m.

  1. Approval of previous board meeting minutes

  2. Motion: Trina

  3. Second: Kristy

  4. Motion passes

  5. Review of ALAPTO

  6. History - ALAPTO changed in 1997 from PTO to 501c3

  7. Idea of doing interviews for ALDO's 70th birthday:

  8. Who: founder of ALDO, Margaret, Alumni kids, long term teachers, old staff members, generational connections between families

  9. Who does the interviews? Middle - school PYP, 3rd/4th grades as biography study?

  10. Bylaws

  11. Request to update section 5.13 ELF Director with "THE ELF Director will have a 6 month advisory period from July 2023-December 2023."

  12. Motion: Kristy

  13. Second: Becky

  14. Motion passes

  15. Update on interest in ALAPTO

  16. New emails to ALAPTO friends, names on lists from recruiting in spring, or at Legacy Day

  17. Open positions: Fundraising Chair, Garden Chair (should this run through ALAPTO?), Volunteer Chair, Grant Chair?

  18. Make the QR code very visible at each events

  19. Stephany updated, and got printed cards to distribute at back to school events

  20. Trina to send out ALAPTO emails until opt-out form can be distributed to parents

  21. Add to back to school packets - sent to both households of split families


Committee Updates


  1. Met in person 7/31/2023

  2. Do we need a second coffee/drink dispenser?

  3. Yes, we could use that

  4. Coffee Wizards - reward coupons for those who exhibit the ALDO way in the drop off/pickup line? They could redeem at Fall Fest.

  5. Bank: Removed Nicci, Rosemary debit card, notified the bank that Robert, Heather and Stephany will be needing access to checking and savings accounts (they will go in on their own to get added)

  6. Sent all docs to Accountant to begin ALAPTO’s taxes


Finance: Chair Kristy Krautkramer

  1. Treasurer's Report (vote)

  2. ALAPTO total after extracurriculars and outstanding checks: $18,780.95

  3. Motion: Trina

  4. Second: Ryan

  5. motion passes

  6. ALDO will share information with ELF chairs if donations are given on square

  7. All addresses will be deleted before passing along info of families needed scholarship

  8. Update from Trina regarding Family Donations to Aldo

  9. Purchase one more coffee container - $136 on Amazon.

  10. Aldo Merchandise - need a parent volunteer or staff member

  11. Malik at Fresh Prints of Green Bay is the contact

  12. Aldo Online Store

  13. Could order some and have for prizes

  14. Can Student Council to run school store?

  15. Aldo T shirts for the students

  16. At least 100 for new students

  17. Wait on size - order after next meeting

  18. New student numbers: 18-4K, 45-K, 20-1st and 2nd, 25-3rd-5th

  19. Could we collect old (too small) ALDO t-shirts at Back to School night?


ELF: Co - Chairs Rachel Landowski & Tiffany Werner

  1. Pick the raffle winners

  2. Basket items: 2 baskets

  3. Laundry Basket, tickets for Fall Fest, Beanie

  4. K-4 ELF Letter 2023-2024 (reviewed content)

  5. 5th-8th Grade Combined ELF Letter 2023-2024 (reviewed content)

  6. Letters to be passed out at back to school night, and back to school packets (bright colored paper)

  7. We need the 22-23 Annual Report (Kelsey?)


Events: Chair Rosemary Kennedy

  1. Board volunteer sign up for ALAPTO Tables

  2. Heather to be present at all events in the morning

  3. 4K/Kinder Camp table (Aug 14-16)

  4. Stephany

  5. Middle School Matters (Aug 15-16)

  6. Middle School Parents Mtg (Aug 14, 6pm)

  7. Open House (Aug 30th 3-5 pm)

  8. Stephany

  9. Include Intro to ALAPTO

  10. Merch to be sold - beanies, pop sockets

  11. Business card drop, with paper forms too

  12. Create business tree from cards to spread the word of family businesses


Communication: Chair Evie Saharsky

  1. Website

  2. Updated website board members - need photos/bio for Heather, Rachel, Robert, Rosemary, Stephany, Tiffany. Need addt’l bios for anyone else that wants to add anything. Took grades off of kids' names.

  3. Updated website alt text and accessibility issues (low visibility stuff needed more contrast, etc).

  4. Do we have a 22-23 financial report to replace the 21-22?

  5. The family businesses page was not published - what’s the story with that?

  6. Family Business Website - found, but it was archived

  7. To be updated after pool party and collection of business cards

  8. Should we put board member’s contact info to email them on their photo?

  9. Scholarship application form on website is outdated. Do we have a more up-to-date one? Do we want to do any sort of online form as an option as well?

  10. Amazon Smile program has ended so we should remove that from the fundraising. There are other programs similar that could be added. Also, I think it’d be a good idea to link people to the donation site there.

  11. remove AMAZON smile, add Box Tops

  12. Embed staff appreciation google spreadsheet, info will carry over when staff updates their favorite things

  13. Social Media:

  14. Was able to get ahold of the Facebook page!

  15. Posted about Fundraising Chair position, Pool Party, ELF Raffle on Instagram and Facebook.

  16. Appears that posting Thursday afternoons gets the most engagement with social media (per the Meta content engagement data). Can schedule posts via the Facebook business page for both Instagram and Facebook.

  17. Add additional board members as admin for FB page / Website

  18. Becky added as Facebook/Website admin

  19. Rosemary to use Canva account - main login


Fundraising: Chair TBD

  1. Read A Thon is a go- Trina will talk with staff and set a date for November

  2. Smart Cow is scheduled for Dec 5th

  3. Luna- Kristy will contact

  4. Zambaldi- booking into November- choose a Wednesday in November - 8th or 15th

  5. Teresa Adler to present to ALAPTO at a board meeting

  6. Not September

  7. Rosemary & Evie to contact

  8. Topics: sustainability over time, make goals for the future, plan smarter

  9. Post for a box tops coordinator - Cheryl Treague?

  10. Create posts, monitor account, no in person meetings required!


Staff Appreciation: Chair Kristen Hanson

  1. Kristen contacts staff to know when there is food/appreciation

  2. Checked in with members from last year. One member is leaving because she is moving to a different school district. One member is staying. One member left to chair a committee. Down to myself and two members. Hopefully a couple people can be assigned to this committee once we have new volunteers sign up at the start of the school year.

  3. We plan on having goodies on the first teacher work day on Aug. 28th

  4. I will contact the new FACE teacher to make sure we can use the room.

  5. We will start the Teacher Wish Tree at the start of the school year.

  6. We will meet as a committee in September (once I have a few new volunteers) to plan our year based on what we completed last year.


Diversity & Inclusion: Chair Monet Bastia

  1. No updates


Teacher Reps: Ryan Bartel and Bridget McCann

  1. Shelving for basement to be ordered via Trina

  2. Need to be measured to fit totes - more guidance needed


Committee Updates

Grants Committee:

  1. No updates


Garden Committee:

  1. No updates


Old Business

  1. Consolidate ALAPTO stuff - file cabinet, storage room - set a date/time?

  2. Shelving for basement

  3. Virtual Option for our meetings (update)

  4. We can welcome any virtual member attending through technology at school


New Business

  1. Family Businesses at Aldo (tree in entryway)

  2. Found old tree to use for this

  3. Goals for ALAPTO this year


To Do

  1. Tuesday September 12, 2023 6:00p.m.

  2. Kristy- move proposed changes to bottom of bylaws

  3. contact Emilie for ALDO t-shirts for new students

  4. Send Evie updated ELF scholarship form

  5. Tina - make Laundry Baskets for raffle

  6. Evie - update Google form for volunteers, remove excess board positions, be more specific in our ask

  7. Remove old link to apparel store and link to FreshPrints

  8. Update What is ALAPTO document for back to school packets

  9. Update mobile version of ALAPTO site

  10. Becky - email superintendent about Pool Party

  11. Kristy- Reach out to Emilie for Aldo Tshirts

  12. Kristy reach out to Tiffany and Rachel about ELF raffle and baskets

  13. All - Sign up for ALAPTO Table for 4k/Kinder Camp/Middle School Matters - link under Events in Agenda above

  14. Kristy- cash box for open house

  15. Kristy- price for pop sockets to order

  16. Robert - bring handmade wooden 6-pack carriers for giveaways

  17. Teacher reps: Aldo Staff Fav Things update, Amazon wishlists, Staff allergies/ food sensitivities to Kristen

  18. Rosemary - measure totes and basement for shelving units

Meeting Adjourned at 8:10p.m.

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Board Attendees Robert Pries, Kristy Harr Krautkramer, Heather Ard, Stephany Rodriguez, Rachel Landowski, Tiffany Werner, Becky Hasseler, Trina Lambert, Ryan Bartel, Bridie McCann, Monet Bastia, Krist

Board Attendees Robert Pries, Kristy Harr Krautkramer, Heather Ard, Stephany Rodriguez, Rachel Landowski, Tiffany Werner, Becky Hasseler, Trina Lambert, Ryan Bartel, Bridie McCann, Monet Bastia, Krist

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